Mother’s Day Crafts

A recognition slip from a colleague stating: “Two ladies at Mothers Day Craft were singing your praises! You’re “fantastic at what you do and incredibly calming and lovely.”

This evening I independently ran a series of four 45 minute crafting workshops, the workshops were of a Mother’s Day theme and were part of a special event at my place of work. They ran as follows: gift bag decoration, pom pom flowers, mother’s day cards and decopage favour boxes. I had a total of 21 people participate in the sessions, and they were enjoyed immensely by both myself and my crafters. 

I had a huge variety of participants: from a vet to a lawyer, from an occupational therapist to a cleaner. The most enjoyable person to work with, however, was a fourteen-year-old boy named Cameron. Cameron had autism and, as his mother explained to me, poor motor skills. Cameron’s mother also explained that he had never before showed an interest in arts and crafts, yet when he saw the workshops in action he was very keen on trying it out. Cameron participated in my card-making workshop and, with the support of his mother and a little extra help from me, he created a beautiful mother’s day card that he was very proud of. 

For me, the crafting classes are not solely about helping an individual go away with a finished product and a new skill - it is also about helping the person unwind, socialise and be mindful. One of the women attending the gift bag decoration workshop commented upon how therapeutic she found the class, that she was able to relax through concentrating on a simple, yet satisfying task. 

Although running four crafting workshops in four hours was an intensive task, my energy was upheld by the wonderful variety of people who attended them and the conversations we had. 

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