Louisa Winning.



Where I Am and What I Do.

I am a freelance animator living and working in Glasgow, Scotland.

My practice is based in collage and drawing-based illustration and stop motion, digital animation.

I have recently graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a First Class BA Hons degree in Fine Art Painting and Printmaking.

Moira Jeffrey, 'Review: Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 2015', The Scotsman, Thursday 02 July 2015 

"I loved Louisa Winning’s series of three short films inspired, I think, by the cheerful collage style of the rising British artist Heather Phillipson. It’s fine at this stage of your life to wear your influences and your heart on your sleeve. Winning’s funny, surreal trilogy the Principles of Human Knowledge would have been massively labour intensive for all its effortless charm, a series of funny monologues featuring giant asparagus tips, a pair of rabbits and a bemused male protagonist who is all mouth and y-fronts and no trousers."

Artist's Statement.

My work takes the form of digitally produced animation. I use cut-outs from a variety of found still-image resources, work with these digitally in order to develop a time-based moving collage. These processes give me the pleasure of distorting reality, of creating ‘worlds’ from my imagination and immersing myself in the characters and creatures that might live there. I take inspiration from a eclectic range of visual materials: picture books on beautiful foliage; publications indulging in images of our fellow creatures;studies in gruesome anatomical imagery and the history of medical science; and a plethora of other weird and wonderful volumes.

Inspiration to begin the process of film-making is kick-started by an aspect of an observation from everyday life, be it a passage in a book or newspaper; something overheard in a public space, a radio broadcast; or the intriguing content of found footage.  I enjoy drawing the humorous or bizarre out of the mundane, and respond to this through collage. From this origin, I will continue to develop work on impulse and improvisation, playing with the possibilities of the media of digital collage to develop a foundation on which I can begin to animate, engaging in a process of play along the way.

I am interested in the experience of childhood, in the idea of children as primitive beings unspoilt and ungrounded by the limitations of living within contemporary civilisation. My work attempts to get back in touch with the extraordinary and the fantastical in everyday life, as a child might interpret it. Akin to films by the surrealist animator Jan Švankmajer (such as Down to the Cellar, 1983 and LittleOtik, 2001), I often will make my films with a child’s perspective in mind, and this will yield a fantastical, or occasionally uncomfortable, result.

My overall aim of the work I create, is to tell a story and engage people, to transport them for a short period of time into an alternative reality. 

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